BASELINE for Baseline Financial Services, Inc.

WHA developed BASELINE, a database application that intelligently manages the download of financial information to multiple remote PCs, and displays stock information in both text and graphic formats. On the strength of this program, Baseline Financial has grown into a company with $7 million in annual revenue and a client base of over 300.

BeneVoice for Benefit Dynamics, Inc.

BeneVoice, developed for Benefit Dynamics, Inc., is a voice response system that provides benefits information and enrollment services over the phone.

FundSmith for Bowne & Company

WHA performed the initial design and development of FundSmith, Bowne’s proprietary document management tool for portfolio managers. FundSmith gives users the capability to import and edit SOI, Account, and CUSIP data for all funds in a portfolio, and format the data as it should appear in Annual and Quarterly Reports. The user can also create additional text to be used in the reports directly in FundSmith. The data (in both tabular and graphical formats) and text can then be imported directly into Bowne’s printing software systems.

Millrace for Old Mill Software

Millrace is a version control document management application for the legal industry.

PatrolScan for Facilities Control Technology, Inc.

PatrolScan is a combined hardware/software security system.

DocUMENtation for Michael Umen & Associates, Inc.

DocUMENtation, developed for Michael Umen & Associates, Inc., is a document creation application used to generate drug approval applications for submission to the FDA.

TSN2000 for The Communications Team/Sports Network:

TSN2000, developed for The Communications Team, is a system that provides a graphical real-time feed of sports data.